List of systems I haven't composed for

Welcome to Nodnarb's site!

Here you can find information about me and my projects.

My current best song (in my opinion):

Information about me:

I am non-binary, and my pronouns are they/them.
I mostly chip the tune but I sometimes make music in modern DAWs.
Most of the stuff you need to know is in my channel description

Current unfinished/scrapped projects:





4xGeneric PCM DAC (working) FOR GLORY Scrapped Joke sample.
MIKEY Luminance Scrapped supposed to be a "spiritual successor" to EntropyAuthor's "Chrominance"
TIA (working) random TIA garbage Scrapped gave up on it after realizing the TIA is a bitch to control.
C64 + FM-YAM (working) song im probably never gonna finish Scrapped scrapped in pursuit of a different style that eventually became "tf"
BOOTLEG OPL3 EXPANSION FOR GAMEBOY?!?!?!??!?!?!??! transform Finished by another person finished by EntropyAuthor.
Modern PC, LMMS [COVER] Wavetable Hell 4 Indefinite WIP Cover of the VSU-VUE original.
Game Boy + 2xAY8930 [no title] Scrapped Game Boy + 2xAY8930
literally dream blunt rotation
PC Speaker, MONOTONE [no title], working title "PCSWIP" Indefinite WIP  
PC + AdLib [COVER] *P*owerful *S*ample *G*enerator            Work In Progress this is a lot harder than you'd think...